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Landscaping Design Process

Designing some of the best landscapes in the Charleston area.


Landscaping Design Overview


We understand that investing in a landscaping project can be daunting, so we like to make it easy, fun and collaborative. Whether you’re looking to complete the entire project at once or in phases, we will guide you through the process. With your ideas and our expertise we combine the power of our masons, carpenters, landscape technicians, and irrigation/lighting specialist to work together as one single entity. We employ the design-build, single-source responsibility model for all of our projects.

What does this mean for you?

Communication is ensured. Every client is an important part of the team; you will be involved in the entire project, from design to implementation to after care. You will be made aware of any changes during the design or construction process and will be frequently updated with the progress. And last but not least, you will be dealing with one company, one designer and one contractor that can take care of all of your landscaping needs.

Why do we take this approach?

The design-build process produces significant savings in cost and resources. Plus, we fundamentally believe that starting with our design-build process and approach enables the following benefits:

  • includes the owner as an important member of the team;
  • provides a single source for quality, cost and schedule management;
  • eliminates unnecessary redesigning headaches, and eliminates any would’ve, could’ve should’ve moments
  • mitigates problems due to adversarial relationships;
  • allows easier, better communication between project participants;
  • emphasizes teamwork, from conceptualization to the finished project; and
  • creates a greater degree of cooperation between the design and construction phases of the project.


How does the Design-Build process work?


step 1

The first step in any project is to meet with you on site to discuss your priorities and expectations, and evaluate your property.

step 2

Then, our landscape designer with over 18 years of design-build experience will walk you through your customized process explaining design costs, scheduling, etc.

step 3

After the landscape design proposal is accepted, a preliminary plan – unique to your property – is prepared.

step 4

From there, we create a color rendered master plan, which is presented with a detailed cost analysis.

step 5

Then, we get to work!



What's the end product?

Ultimately, the end product is a landscape design that is ideally given to our team to begin installation. However, we do offer exclusive design services regardless of our installation company.

3D landscape design videos

In addition to the conceptual designs and the master landscape plan that results from our Design-Build process, we can also create state-of-the-art 3D drawings and videos to help you better envision the final landscape design. 


Landscape Transformations

From start to finish, the landscape design process followed by the landscaping work and installation yields beautiful results. Check out some of the most stunning video transformations showing the before and after comparison of two recent projects.